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辣椒酱未来发展趋势:高端、健康、多口味、品牌化!Future development trend of chili sauce!

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Because chili harvest has seasonal, people in many countries to perennial edible, developed a variety of different processing methods, chili sauce is one of the series of products, developed by the people and loved by the masses, with a unique local flavor seasoning, has a broad market base, its economic value can not be ignored.


Today let's take a look at the future of chili sauce~

一、      我国辣椒酱的市场现状

The market situation of chili sauce in China


Chili sauce is a kind of compound seasoning, the so-called compound seasoning refers to different condiments, with vegetables and their products or animal meat, aquatic products, vegetable oil, spices, and seasoning accessories, made with different flavors, forms and functions of all kinds of seasoning food. Common have beef chili sauce, pork chili sauce, chicken chili sauce, pure chili sauce, etc., due to the addition of ingredients is not fixed, this compound condiment chili sauce products are very many, such as garlic chili sauce, seafood chili sauce, mustard chili sauce, mushroom beef chili sauce, truffle chicken chili saucepeach pork chili sauce and so on.


According to statistics, among the top 10 Cuisines that Beijing people are most concerned about, SiChuan cuisine, GuangDong cuisine and HuNan cuisine are in the top three with 21.7%, 17.5% and 17.3% respectively. SiChuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine together occupy 40% of the market. It can be seen that changes in dining habits brought about by population migration eventually led to changes in overall cuisine, and spicy flavors became more and more popular. Out of China's 1.4 billion people, 650 million can or like spicy food. Hot sauce with various flavors has a huge audience and market, and can create considerable economic value.


Production and consumption of chili sauce industry in China from 2009 to 2019


趋势预测 Trend prediction


The production and consumption of chilli paste have increased by 3% to 7% since 2009. The annual production of 2019 is estimated to be 5,762,900 tons and the consumption is estimated to be 5,275,200 tons.


At present, chili sauce has been widely used by ordinary families and various food industries, such as mixed with various vegetables and meat to make various foods, or to make stews, soups and sauces. Its unique taste and health function make the consumption and trade volume of chilli sauce in the domestic market is on the rise.


Chili sauce can be divided into oil and water according to the production process. The oil chili sauce has many flavors, and it can present various flavors according to different people's preferences, such as beef sauce, shiitake sauce, tempeh sauce, etc. The water system chili paste has the pickling fermentation process, such as chopped chili paste, etc.


China has a large territory and abundant resources. Due to the different climate, environment and taste, the flavor of spicy food is also different.







The future of chili sauce

1、产品走网红路线 Products take the "net red" route


Bai yan, vice President of China condiment association, said the modern marketing trend of many high-end brands in the hot sauce market has become more and more obvious." Based on the traditional sales model, more brands choose to rely on the 'Internet + omni-channel' marketing model, and then enter the e-commerce platform or self-built online mall, which conforms to the current consumer trend and greatly improves the marketing level."


Relying on the development of Internet e-commerce platforms, sales of various web celebrity hot sauce brands have soared. Web celebrity chili sauce most focus on high-end, healthy, handmade and emotional, more to meet the needs of young consumers to buy. They say the web celebrity sauce, though more expensive than the supermarket's, feels fuller and has a wider range of flavours. Compared with traditional offline supermarkets, online hot sauce can be more selective and taste more.


Have media report: xinjiang young man is engaged in hotel cook originally, discover the chili sauce that he makes accidentally during the job, the guest loves to eat especially, repeat guest is very much also.Then quit the job of cook, elaborate development web celebrity "big pan chicken chili sauce", through unremitting efforts, a year of sales of 10 million yuan.

2、区域个性化发展 Regional "personalized" development


In view of the widespread popular dishes in a certain area, "flavor chili sauce" is developed to reduce the cooking requirements of the general population and increase the taste of delicious dishes.Chili sauce in different regions, in the face of the local population have a "improved optimization, localization" process, in order to win the market.

比如美国人爱吃的是拉差辣椒酱(Sriracha Sauce),每年销量2000万瓶,完全不加水,不加色素。正是因为这种辣椒酱酸度、辣度正好合适美国人的口味,既能体验辣味,又不掩盖汉堡薯条的原味才会如此流行。

Sriracha Sauce, for example, is a favorite of americans, selling 20 million bottles a year without water or color.The sauce is so popular because its acidity and spiciness are just right for the American palate, allowing it to taste spicy without masking the original flavor of the burger and fries.

当然也会有耐辣人士,喜欢正正经经的辣,比如塔巴斯辣椒酱(Tabasco),这种原产墨西哥的辣椒,是风靡世界的辣酱, 瓶上的商标有21种语言或方言的版本,它是真的比较辣!

There are also people who can resist the heat, such as Tabasco, the original Mexican chili, which is the world's most popular hot sauce. 

3、未来将走品牌线路 The future will take the brand line


Traditional corporate brands are well known, but they are increasingly far from mainstream consumers.The disconnection between brands and consumers, the most terrible is the emotional level of the rupture, the brand can no longer enter the minds of mainstream consumers.In the blue book of hot sauce industry, data from several consulting companies showed that 45.1 percent of people who eat spicy food think there is no best brand of hot sauce.


With the improvement of people's consumption ability and the rapid development of China's catering industry, the future market capacity of condiments will be further expanded.With the improvement of consumer awareness, consumers will be inclined to buy branded condiments. It is foreseeable that the future condiment market will be on the road of branding. With the capital of all parties competing for deer chili sauce market, branding will become a major trend of chili sauce development in the future.


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